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Adhoc Multiplayer Online System

Amultios is Experimental PSP Emulator forked from PPSSPP and Adhoc Over Internet Online Relay Service to play Multiplayer PSP Games that have Adhoc Feature over internet formerly ( Amultios aim to make a service that can easily tunnel and relay Adhoc Multiplayer Feature to play over internet with zero networking configuration , can play behind strict NAT device anywhere near our service. currently our service is hosted on ASIA Region. Our ultimate milestone goals is embed and develop Online Game feature to the Emulator in top of PSP Adhoc. You can find the Adhoc Games Supported title on compatibility page. Have Question or want to contribute ? join the discussion with community on discord channel, facebook group, or you can jump in to getting started page on top then chat and play with us on Amultios Emulator.

Custom Feature

  • Adhoc to Game Online Infrastructure Mode
  • Login System
  • Ban System
  • Adhoc Group Chat Room
  • Global Chat Room
  • Remove Cw Cheat
  • Remove Save State
  • Remove Speed Toogle during online play
  • Adhoc Channel Switching (need new server)
  • Terms of Service

  • Do not ask for or link to pirated copyright content on community
  • Do not use downloaded save data from internet to play
  • Do not use Cheated Save Data (Passive Cheat) transfered from real console or other Emulator
  • Read Amultios Faqs
  • Respect each other
  • Use International English languange on official group international Channel and Emulator Global Chat
  • Use Official Amultios Emulator to play in our service
  • Violation of TOS will cause your Amultios account banned and kicked from the community!
  • Faqs

  • Q: Who is Maintain and Funding the Service
  • You can find that easily when launching our App , for more info see the credit screen, the server is funded together by Amultios Community over Asia Region. if you want to help the funding because love the emulator , service and feature go to support us page on the main menu in top we will put good use on it to keep the service alive and funding the development.
  • Q: How to get games?
  • Buy PSP UMD , Have the PSP games on .ISO format by dumping from PSP UMD throught PSP USB using your PSP Console on "PSP Custom Firmware" google for that Custom Firmware.
  • Q: Why Emulator name is Amultios?
  • Amultios is short of Adhoc Multiplayer Online System , This name represent what we want to make in top of awesome PSP Emulator project PPSSPP, beside of that the domain is available.
  • Q: Why some options is removed from PPSSPP?
  • simply they make glitch or buggy behavior on Adhoc Mutiplayer , can cause Save Data Corruption , All feature that considered hack and break or make buggy behavior on Adhoc Multiplayer Experience is removed. Our Main Focus is Adhoc Multiplayer and we want Adhoc Multiplayer experience as close as in the real console or even better by some enchantment feature with common online game feature such as (Match Making, Global Chat , Whisper Chat , SIP Sound over IP, Group Chat)
  • Q: Why cheat is removed?
  • Cheating Destroying the Adhoc Community and Multiplayer Experience on the games. imagine you meet someone with one hit kill cheat , the Fun and Experience is gone.
  • Q: Why not just implement the project and feature on PPSSPP instead of another emulator
  • We do that on proindo PPSSPP community before through our exclusive PPSSPP No Cheat build, its too confusing separating the exclusive PPSSPP no cheat build community on our Service with the PPSSPP official build. Our service is not cross compatible to PPSSPP Emulator also, We have reason for that, so we decide it to make another Emulator with different name. The main reason is PPSSPP have Cheat Feature and many settings that can break or glitched Adhoc Multiplayer over internet, without a right settings and complicated networking setup you might ended on bad Adhoc experience or not functional Adhoc Feature over internet, beside of that Adhoc is their lower priority on the development we want to improve that, Adhoc is our Top Priority make it very simple to setup , remove many settings that break or bugged Adhoc Multiplayer Compatibility or Experience on games, Make it Noob Friendly and simple by just provide Amultios credential, boot up the game , and enter the Adhoc Multiplayer part. if PPSSPP want some of our feature, We happy to do the merge anytime by submitting pull request but we will still continue Amultios Emulator Community, Service and Build because our top priority is Fair Play, Lag Free Infrastructure, Big Community to easily play with, Good Adhoc Experience, Zero Networking configuration to play , and Cheat Free Server.
  • Q: What is the current state of development?
  • Currently we run Open Beta Test for stress testing the server with new amultios custom relay protocol and improve some adhoc game compability
  • Q: What is the official supported platform?
  • Curently Windows and Android, in the future there is some plan for Mac and Linux
  • Q: What is the minimum Hardware Requirement?
  • Any Modern CPU and GPU that support OpenGL 2.0 can run the Emulator, but you must make sure the Emulation Speed and FPS reach 30/30 or 60/60 100% without any hack , frameskipping is considered hack and make buggy behavior over internet but still acceptable, without Full Speed Emulation you might ended make the other lag and have weird and bugged synchronization. its will be bad experience.
  • Q: What is the recommended Hardware Requirement
  • GPU that have Vulkan Driver , or can run Emulation Fullspeed with other Graphic Api Backend, for Android we recommend Nougat (7.0) or higher. Marshmallow and Lollipop with OpenGL backend is fine as long the game is not to demanding and run fullspeed on the device.
  • Q: What is Amultios Nickname and Amultios Pin and how to get them?
  • Nickname is name you use on chat and see by other its used for authentication to service also, Amultios pin is your secret pin to prevent someone impersonate you or using your account. one credential one emulator instance only , you cannot do double login on our service. to register an account look into getting started page there is a complete guide there.
  • Q: Cannot Chat or Login into the Server
  • You might not provide the crendential settings Amultios Nickname and Amultios Pin on Network Settings. fill that on network settings. double check your internet connection
  • Q: Why i cannot enter Adhoc Mode / Room / Lobby / Gathering Hall?
  • Restart Emulator for re authentication, make sure your nickname ,pin is valid , and your id is not banned , if it still not working check compability list
  • Q: What is the minimum and recommended internet requirement?
  • Any connection that have 1mbps up and down bandwith with good latency to our server, 100ms below is considered good and tolerable, you can test that by pinging to currently we only host the server on Asia , if there is enough demand and community in US and Europe we will host server on that region
  • Q: How to Open Chat GUI ?
  • Use CTRL + C on PC or use Touch Control on android, you can map open chat command on controller or keyboard from game mapping settings
  • Q: I am connected but cannot see other player on Adhoc Room
  • If you re accidentially overwrite system settings , reset your settings into default on system settings
  • Development

    Amultios Development is taking place on github as ppsspp fork under adenovan account, you can see a branch called pro-online or amultios. the build instruction is same as ppsspp


  • Learn Github and PPSSPP development to get familiar with the code
  • Our code will always be updated and rebased on top of PPSSPP
  • Send your Pull Request to adenovan amultios fork, our work will also contributed to PPSSPP
  • Whats Need to be Done

  • Fix Adhoc Labeled Issues on PPSSPP Github
  • Make Online Mode tunnel and relay protocol that can allow user to play behind strict NAT
  • Improve the chat function #7451
  • Experiment with PSP Adhoc System #9334