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Congratulations our custom protocol is running and enter beta test

3 December 2018

Yes the day finally come our emulator has ditch openvpn forever , we use custom protocol build from scratch just for relaying game traffic. grab the build on download page guys its have name OBT build. just enter your pin and nickname in network settings and start playing!

Progress of the Emulator Feature Beta Test

7 February 2018

Hi guys i will use this news page to inform development state , right now i really busy with my real jobs so i have a little spare time on the project probably i will focus on this project next month on march. The good news is like most of beta player know the chat feature is improved alot. its now intergrated into on screen touch control on android. its can display an incoming chat and have improved GUI. our VPN tunnel also can deliver a game traffic alot faster and reliable on strict ISP carrier that happens on Phillipines. as of the result of VPN inspection now i can decide how to tunnel the traffic in the underlying low level protocol we use. UDP packet is faster but more agressively dropped by ISP than the TCP protocol so the plan of using UDP is stalled and i try to do the tunnel over TCP socket. March will be the month on the early relay server development to throw that sucks VPN requirement to play! i have some good news with the last tweak i bring to the VPN service it its the last config we will use for temporary play the amultios3.ovpn!

The good news is more games become compatible because of our recent tweak on VPN Server , with 2 PC client i can play Tekken 6 and Dissidia Duodecim our latency is about 50ms - 100ms. Phantasy Star Portable 2 works great with the new tweak on VPN Server using TCP protocol. player that use Mobile Data Connection to play Monster Hunter Games have experienced less broke of on the new VPN tweak. some user also report some games that require very low latency started to work. if you can use vulkan backend on the android make sure to use its to bring FPS boots on Game and make the experience better. use our last version to play Amultios 1.5.4 Beta 5.1

If you re not joining yet on our community, Here i have my old stream video of how its looks like playing with Amultios Emulator and service, you can see our new chat feature on this video see minute 28:00 - 30:00 for this new improvement. Enjoy!

Amultios Beta Test Launched

13 November 2017

We Are holding beta test on our facebook group, If you want to contribute join the group

Required Software

  1. Amultios Beta Emulator (find on facebook group)
  2. OpenVPN Community for Windows or Openvpn Connect App for android
  3. Amultios Open VPN config (find on facebook group)
  4. Amultios Beta id Registered Register Here

if you did not know how to setup click getting started menu on top