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The Requirement to Playing on Amultios server are Amultios Emulator , and Amultios ID, Below we have a friendly guide to get started just follow the step and enjoy playing on our server.

Step 1. Create Amultios Beta ID

To create amultios id simply fill the sign up information required on this link , Remember your nickname and pin when register because its will be used on networking settings in Emulator to login into our service.

Step 2. Download Required Software

    Optional " Join Facebook Group (Answer All Question for approval)

Android Specific

    Amultios Open Beta Emulator Apk

Windows Specific

    Amultios Open Beta Emulator Windows

Step 3. Setting up the Emulator

Install or extract Amultios Beta Emulator, if you cannot install it on android uninstall PPSSPP first cause we have not yet focused on android packaging it still use PPSSPP package name.

Optional , Move your save data into amultios directory memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA if you have from real PSP or PPSSPP , on android its located internal:amultios\PSP\SAVEDATA , if you move save data from PPSSPP dont override the system and asset folder cause we have some specific assets and settings that overrided by PPSSPP settings.

Open the emulator , Set your pin and nickname on the networking settings with Amultios Beta ID information you do on step 1

Step 4. Enjoy

Play your adhoc games on Amultios Emulator , make sure your login is succesfull on emulator initial start